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Fintros x Capital One - Becca Mintz Interview

By Fintros — October 2018



Becca: Hi I’m Becca and I’m a Director here at Capital One of Analytics and Customers Strategy.

Fintros: Looking back, what was your dream job growing up?

Becca: When I was younger, I wanted to write jingles when I grew up. I think this was influenced by my dad who on the drives to work would ask me, give a product and asked to write a jingle for it. I like to think he was trying to inspire me, but I think he was keeping me occupied on the drives to work. When I found out there was such a thing as an advertisement agency when I grew up, I was pretty sure that’s what I wanted to do, but go figure I end up doing math for a living instead.

Fintros: What would you consider your best career decision to date?

Becca: I think the best decision I’ve made in my career to date was moving into more of a quantitative space about two years ago here at Capital One. Before that I’ve really been focused more on the strategy and marketing side and this opportunity really let me broaden my skill set and increase the number of things in my comfort zone. I couldn’t have done this without the support of my manager and my peers at the time who really invested in my learning and I would definitely encourage others to think about lateral moves that could help them grow their comfort zones as well.

Fintros: What advice would you give to a young finance professional just getting started?

Becca: My biggest piece of advice to young professionals starting their career is to meet a ton of people and make strong connections. Whether that’s a coffee or a quick hello in the elevator - never underestimate the power of connecting with others, even if you don’t expect anything in return; one day they may hire you, you may hire them, you never know.

Fintros: What are your thoughts on the importance of mentorship in the industry?

Becca: I think whether you are a man or a woman in finance or another field, mentorship is incredibly important. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I think there is an analogy there with mentorship as well. I have some mentors in my life who give me tough love, others who give me encouragement, and I think a tactical piece of advice for people entering the industry is mentors don’t have to be the most senior person you can find. Some of the best advice I’ve received throughout my career have come from my peers.

Fintros: Can you point to one particular business leader who you look up to?

Becca: I’m so inspired because we just named Jennifer Jackson as the President of Capital One Canada, and it’s a first time we’ve had a woman in this role. I’m really excited to get to know her and I’m fangirling pretty hard already.

Fintros: What will the biggest change and challenge for future women looking to build successful careers in finance?

Becca: Within my immediate circle, I think it’s pretty awesome that we passed kind of over-sexism. The kind of behaviour that might have been acceptable in my parent’s generation is definitely no longer socially acceptable now, but I think it’s also really difficult combat unconscious bias and I think it’s about rewiring an entire culture to have different shortcuts in their brain when they think about gender roles in our society and that seems really tricky. In terms of the generation that’s growing up now, I think social media is going to be totally engrained in their DNA. Like I remember getting Facebook and that was really cool because it did just come out, and my younger cousins grew up where that was just a part of being a teenager and a part of their lives. I think they have more of the voice than ever, but maybe with that comes more of a responsibility than ever too.

Fintros: What do you specifically look for when hiring candidates at Capital One?

Becca: It’s a pleasure being involved at recruiting here in Capital One and working closely with our human resources department to bring in the best talent. When we are hiring Analysts, we are looking for not only the hard skills: the logical reasoning, the coding capabilities, but also people who are going to be a positive contribution to our culture. People who have the right mindset, problem solving, and who like working in a collaborative environment.


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About Becca Mintz

Becca Mintz is Director of Analytics and Customer Strategy at Capital One. Becca leads a team of 20-plus associates responsible for end-to-end program delivery. Becca’s team is one of the largest contributors to Capital One Canada’s P&L.

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